Urubici a Floripa - Santa Catarina
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One week of cycling through the best of Santa Catarina!

Difficulty: 4 (scale 1 to 5) - recommended to experienced cyclists, that can ride 60km in a day, through dirt roads, with a total acent of 1500m.

On this 7-day adventure by bike you will explore the stunning landscapes and the diverse nature of Southern Brazil.

Starting at the Santa Catarina Highlands, with an average altitude of 1200m (4,000 ft), through the days you will descend to sea level. During the way, epic rides on mountain roads or pitoresque rural paths provide privileged views of the cliffs of Serra Geral (General Range) and refreshing swims at waterfalls, mountain rivers and thermal baths around Serra do Tabuleiro State Park.

As a reward, the trip end with a boat crossing to the Island of Santa Catarina where Florianópolis is located, followed by relaxing rides through the secluded and conserved beaches at the Island South.

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Main Attractions

  • Sete Quedas and Avencal waterfalls, in Urubici
  • Incredible panorama views at Morro da Igreja, Morro do Campestre e Serra do Corvo Branco in Urubici
  • Lodging and meals at properties associated to Acolhida na Colônia, that promote sustainable and organic farming.
  • Thermal bath regions at Santa Rosa de Lima and Caldas da Imperatriz
  • Boat crossing to Santa Catarina Island (Florianópolis)
  • The most beautiful beaches of the Island of Florianópolis

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Day 1:  Florianópolis-Urubici

Ride Distance: 19 km
Total Ascent: 230 m
Lodging: Sítio Pousada Arroio da Serra

Transfer from Florianópolis to Sítio Arroio da Serra in Urubici (around 3 hours). After lunch, bike ride to Sete Quedas river (with waterfall bath) and Campestre Hill (panoramic view)

Day 2: Invernador and Morro da Igreja

Ride Distance: 49 km (+21 km optional)
Total Ascent: 710 m (+1010 m optional)
Lodging: Pousada Beckhauser

Bike ride at the Invernador path, sorrounded by Araucária Pine trees, and by Canoas river until grotto of Nsra. de Lourdes, near our lodge and place of lunch. After lunch we will drive (optionally ride) to the top of Morro da Igreja, highest point of southern Brazil, with return by bicycle on the same road back to Pousada Beckhauser

Day 3: Urubici - Santa Rosa de Lima

Ride Distance: 60 km
Total Ascent: 1420 m
Lodging: Pousada Doce Encanto

The day begins easy, by Canoas river valley towards Corvo Branco Range, where the descent starts among breathtaking views, until Aiurê village, place of our lunch and rest. In the afternoon, the ride continues through montainous and isolated region, passing by tiny rural communities among the wall of Serra Geral. Our destination is Santa Rosa de Lima, small city known by the organic farming and thermal bath.

Day 4: Santa Rosa de Lima - São Bonifácio

Ride Distance: 56 km
Total Ascent: 1190 m
Lodging: Pousada das Hortênsias

Ride at secondary gravel roads until reaching the surroundings of Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, the biggest rainforest conservation area in the whole southern region. Our lodging is in a guesthouse right beside Capivari river, in São Bonifácio.

Day 5: São Bonifácio - Caldas da Imperatriz

Ride Distance: 44 km
Total Ascent: 710 m
Lodging: Hotel Imperador

This day we will continue cyclcing around Serra do Tabuleiro Park, whose water sources supply most of Florianópolis region with drinking water. Among these sources is Cubatão river, that we follow on much of the route. The day ends in Caldas da Imperatriz, whose thermal baths are known iternationally for their healing properties. Lodging at Hotel with thermal baths.

Day 6: Caldas da Imperatriz - Florianópolis

Ride Distance: 45 km
Total Ascent: 360 m
Lodging: Pousada do Museu

This is the last day near Serra do Tabuleiro Park, com good views of Cambirela Hill and swim at Cobrinha de Ouro cascade. We will cross to Florianópolis Island in a special way: quiet rodas combined with a boat crossing at the south Bay. At the Island, the ride is on paved roads bordering the bay and its Oyster and Mussels Farms.

Day 7: Florianópolis Island South

Ride Distance: 28 km
Total Ascent: 460 m

Time to discover the Island South in Florianópolis. To the fittest, we follow the challenging path: over the two hills of Sertão do Peri, we will cross the Isalnd from west to east with amazing views of the South Bay and Peri Lake. Alternatively it is posble to cycle around the hills to avoid the steep climbs, passing by the historical village of Ribeirão da Ilha. Where the two paths meet, we will visit the beaches of Pântano do Sul, Armação and Lagoa do Peri, with the trip ending at Campeche beach.


  • Pousada Arroio da Serra (Urubici)
  • Pousada Beckhauser (Urubici)
  • Pousada Doce Encanto (Santa Rosa de Lima)
  • Pousada das Hortênsias (São Bonifácio)
  • Hotel Imperador (Santo Amaro)
  • Pousada do Museu (Florianópolis)

Included Services

  • Transfer from Florianópolis to Urubici
  • Accomodation at double/triple rooms (with dinner and breakfast)
    *except dinner at 6th and 7th day
  • bilingual Tour guides
  • Water, fruit and snacks during the ride
  • Support vehicle with luggage transfer.
  • Bicycles maintenance
  • Boat cross to Florianópolis Island
  • Insurance for personal accidents

Optional services

  • Bike rental
  • Single accomodation
  • In/out transfer
  • Accomodation before and after the ride

Non-included Services

  • Dinner at Ribeirão da Ilha (6th day)
  • Lunch at Bar do Arante, Pântano do Sul (7th day)


Starting at R$ 2100

Registering and more informations

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